Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taking Apart the Chevy 12 Bolt Rearend!

I received this rearend free from a guy in my car club. Very good shape, but I noticed it was leaking from the pinion seal. We pulled the pinion seal and realized the inner and outter pinion bearings were going to need replacing. With this being said, we dismantled the rearend.
When I was welding on the spring perches, I must have heated up the axle too much on one side and the bearing started to grind. New bearings for the pinion and axles were purchased.
Differential & pinion shaft waiting for re-assembly.
Backing plates removed. These will visit the sandblasting cabinets soon and get repainted with some POR15, as will the entire rearend.
Empty rearend waiting for sandblasting and repainting.

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