Monday, October 11, 2010

Video of the SBC 350 running for the 2nd time!

Completely rebuilt SBC 350. Bored .20 over, new flat top pistons, crank, mild cam, bearings, gaskets, aluminum intake, holley double spread bore 650 carb, etc. etc.

Exhaust leaves engine with a pair of ram horn manifolds into 1.5" pipe, immediatley stepped up into 2" pipe, into an H-pipe, into dual Flowmaster 50HD mufflers, and then out and over the rear axle with 2" pipe.

Idle is currently set high for breaking in the motor. Tuning will be done later on. I'm just thrilled to see it running finally!

Engine Installed!

I finally got the engine and exhaust all installed. Transmission is a TH700R4. From everything I've been reading online, tweaking that transmission is a royal pain in the butt. I picked up a new TV cable kit that automatically adjusts the TV cable from the carb to the transmission. Once the engine & transmission were installed, I dropped the transmission pan, swapped out the TV cable spring, installed a new filter, and re-assembled the transmission.

The exhaust was then bolted on, transmission fluid filled, and a test fire commenced. Once we verifed the engine would turn over and fire, we connected the radiator for a full on test.