Sunday, June 20, 2010

Been A While.... Some Progress!

So it has been a while since I've had an update. I've been dreading having to lay under the body of the car and wirebrush the rust away. Well, the time finally came to do that. Took about 2 days to get it all brushed down. Surprisingly good shape. Only uncovered a few tiny holes that were easy to fix with some fiberglass resin & mesh.

With the bottom mostly patched up, I started on the firewall. Plenty of no longer needed holes that I will patch up and smooth out the entire firewall. Previous owners really did a hack job on the firewall especially around the steering column.
Started to patch the big hacked up hole by the steering column. Kind of a tricky patch but started out well. Some overlap welding and butt welding.
Most of the holes all patched up. Need to grind smooth and skim coat with some filler.
2 more spots to fill in by the brake pedal and then I will smooth all the welds out.
Picking up some body filler tomorrow along with some sandable primer. Preparing to put on an addition, so the sooner I can get the body back down on the frame and rolled out of the garage the better.