Friday, December 4, 2009

Rear Exhaust Hangers Fixed...

It was pointed out from my previous post that the rear exhaust hangers would likely be a problem to access once the body was placed back on the frame. Luckily for me this was mentioned now before I found out the hard way later (Thanks Glenn!) To fix this, I simply welded nuts to the TOP where they used to be sitting, and attached the brackets BELOW the frame. I will easily be able to bolt the hangers right up from below, and not have to worry about the nut spinning or accessing the top at all.
With the nuts welded into place, I tightened up the hangers and cut off the remaining bolts sticking up with my cut off wheel.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The exhaust is finally all mocked up! Everything is welded & hung. Next up will be to drop the body back down on to the frame and test fit everything with the exhaust & new engine.
Fabbed up brackets for the exhaust hangers to bolt to. They came out perfectly fine. These will get primed and painted to match the frame color.