Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tacking Rearend Into Place!

With the rearend all mocked up in place, I went to tack weld it and noticed my regulator on my Hobart 140 was not working correctly. It was showing the correct tank pressure, but the output side to the welder was pegging up all the way. I'm just going to have to call and get that replaced being that it's brand new.

To keep progress moving, I switched over to flux core wire and tacked the leaf spring perches into place. Then I removed the rearend to make it easier to completely weld it once I get my new regulator. Flux core wire is extremely messy, splatters a lot and I could really use the shielding gas to get a better quality weld, so I'll wait. Hopefully I'll get that replaced ASAP this week.

Mocked up Chevy 12 Bolt Rearend!

I got the Chevy 12 bolt rearend all mocked up into place. First thing I had to do was drill out the spring perch mounts to 3/4" to properly fit.

I as then able to set the rearend into place and carefully centering it on the leaf springs, as well as adjusting the angle of the pinion.
Four patio pavers and two tiles positioned the rearend with the correct pinion angle.