Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Engine Removal / Tear Down has begun!

Last night my brother-in-law & I pulled out the engine and tranny, and started tearing down the engine to see what type of condition it was in.

First we removed the intake and headers to allow for easier access to the driver's side motor mount.

Removed 2 bolts from the engine, and 2 from the transmission, and it pulled right out.

Put the new engine stand together.
Removed the manual transmission, pressure plate, and clutch. Pressure plate and clutch need to be replaced. Mounted the engine to the engine stand using (4) 3/8" - 2.5" long grade 5 bolts.

Removed the valve cover. Looks good, not too dirty. Push rods and Rocker arms look good.

Removed Rocker Arms & Push Rods.

Removed head bolts.
Head has been removed. Now we can take a look at the pistons / cylinder walls. Not too bad. Hopefully will only need honing and new rings.
Drained the oil.
All bolts are labeled in seperate plastic baggies.
Removed the harmonic balancer using a puller.

Removed timing cover and flipped engine over.
Removed oil pan. A decent amount of sludge build up in the pan, most likely due to prevoius owners neglecting to change oil. We were able to inspect the crank shaft, rods, and cam. Cam looks like it is worn so that is going to be replaced with a performance cam.

At this point, the rods were not stamped with anything, so we had to end the night. We need to stamp them so we know exactly how they go back together.

Here is how the front end looks without the engine installed. Currently trying to figure out what the Studebaker was actually subframed with and what year. Camaro or Nova?

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well it's only taken 4 years, but I finally have the body off the frame! With the help of the engine lift, and my neighbors Bill and Jason, we finally removed the body from the frame. With the body up in the air, I was able to roll the frame out from underneith. With the frame out of the garage, I cleaned up the garage floor under the body, and rolled the frame back in.

Next up..... removing the engine / tranny as well as all other suspension / steering related parts in preparation for sandblasting the frame.