Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inner & Outter Tie Rods!

Put together the new MOOG inner and outter tie rods. As you can see below, these will look much nicer than the originals that were on there. No more rust!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Drums & Steering Arms Painted

Steering components have been primed and painted. All steering components are new, except the main steering link which was easily cleaned up with sandblasting. Below are the primed tie rod sleeves.
Primed the insides & ousides of the front and rear drums. The front drums were nearly brand new. The rear drums were very rusty and left out in the rain. I sandblasted the insides and had them turned to remove all rust.
Front and rear drums final painted Stirling Silver to match the frame.
Steering link and steering arms painted to match frame as well.

Next I will be re-assembling the new Power Steering gear box and all steering components. I should then be able to get the entire frame back down on 4 tires! Major mile marker coming up soon!