Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Rims! Chrome Cragars!

Poking thru the auto parts section of Craigslist as I do on a daily basis, I found these Chrome Cragar rims. The guy was asking $80 without the centercaps. After talking to him on the phone, he decided to throw the center caps in. When I went to look at them, I surprised at how good of condition the rims were in. Some slight pitting but with a little wax they will look pretty damn good. ESPECIALLY for the $50 he took for them :) Can't beat that deal! Fronts came with decent tread BFGoodrich tires, 7" wide. Rears are 8" wide and I'll need to find some tires for those. May have to widen the rear fenders to get them to fit properly.

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