Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Enough is enough, time to get started!

So I've been sick of looking at the Studebaker just sitting in the garage. I just sold my 1954 Oldsmobile 2 door hard top, so now I have a little extra money. Instead of just blowing that money on nothing, I'm going to put it right towards the Studebaker project.

When I first parked it in the garage, I lifted it up on blocks about 2ft. in the air. I was originally planning on just painting underneith and not taking the body off. Well, I am a firm believe in only doing things once......... so now the body is going to be coming off!

This past weekend I dismantled the front clip. Everything unbolted relatively easy, most of the bolts were 1/2". Surprisingly, out of the 30 or so that held it on, I only broke 2 off.

Eventual plans for the front clip may involve welding it all together, but that will come later on. First I need to get the body off and start cleaning up the frame. New suspension / brakes, etc.

I'm planning on rebuilding the 6 cylinder Chevy engine. I wanted a bigger engine, but everything is setup for the 6 cylinder right now, and with gas prices being nearly $4/gallon, the 6 might be a little more economical.

Here's how it all begins...

I bought this car off Ebay back in 2005 for about $430. Spent another $600 to get it home from Vermont. 6 hour drive up there, about 14 hours back because we hit a snow storm! Once I got it home I parked it in the garage as seen in these pics, and that is where it has been sitting for the past few years.

It is a 1941 Studebaker Commander 4 door. It has been subframed with a 1969 Chevy Nova front end. With the Nova front end, it has a Chevy Straight 6 engine with 4 speed on the floor, as well as self adjusting front drums.