Friday, May 29, 2009

Welding / Grinding / Painting!!!

Well it was the long Memorial Day weekend and I started to get the frame ready for painting. Lots of welding & grinding going on!
First thing I did was weld in my rear leaf spring adapters. These will allow me to use a simple 1/2" bolt to hold in the rear leaf springs versus the proprietary Studebaker bolt that was attaching them previously.
When the car was subframed with the Camaro front end, the previous owner did a real hack job with a torch, cutting off the front of the Studebaker frame. I decided to clean it up a bit before painting.
All three severly hacked spots cleaned up with sheet metal.
Passenger's side cleaned up.Driver's side cleaned up.
Frame was then primed with POR-15. This was the first coat of primer. I'll flip the frame over and prime underneith and any spots I may have missed next.
I realized that the spring that would pull the brake pedal back into position after being pressed was originally hooked around the hacked off frame. I quickly fabbed up a new spring mount that looks a little better as shown here.