Thursday, October 1, 2009

Engine Mounts Almost Complete!

I completed the inside portions of the engine mounts tonight. I was having a problem welding upwards...... the slag kept falling down into the gun, prohibiting a good arc. I thought I had the wire speed too fast, but it was actually the opposite. I wasn't feeding the wire fast enough to create the arc. With the wire speed increased, welding became much easier.
Driver side engine mount.
Passenger side engine mount.
Both engine mounts almost complete. Tomorrow I'm hoping to weld in the center cross supports on the mounts and then grind them smooth.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Engine Mounts 50% Done!

I first tack welded one side of each engine mount into place and then removed the engine so I could get to the mounts easier.
Here is a view of the half finished driver's side engine mount.
And here is the half finished passenger's side engine mount.
Both mounts are now 50% complete. The other side of the "triangle" will be finished tomorrow night.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Engine Mounts......

I've been working on getting the engine perfectly positioned to create the engine mounts. I first had to weld 2 pieces of quarter inch flat stock together to form one 2.5" wide piece of flat stock.
I then squared the engine up with the frame and leveled side to side and front to back.
Where I will be welding my mounts into place, I had to grind off the paint leaving a nice smooth clean metal surface. This was done on both the passenger and driver side.
Tomorrow night I will be welding the mounts in to place. With the engine permanently mounted, next up will be the exhaust.