Monday, February 1, 2010

Rebuilding the Small Block Chevy 350!

This weekend, with the help of my brother-in-law Joe, we re-assembled my Chevy 350 which was just picked up from the machine shop. The engine received a complete overhaul. The heads were rebuilt with hardened seats to run unleaded gas, block was bored 2 over, new pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets, crank was ground, and a new mild camshaft was purchased.
1st we attached the freshly bored / honed block to the engine stand.
Shot of the gasket set.
Shot of the new flat top pistons pressed on to the rods.
The first thing to get installed in the block was the new camshaft. This was lubed up a lot to help during its break in period.
Another view of the block with the camshaft installed (you can barely see the cam).
With the camshaft installed, we moved on to the crankshaft. First we set in place the new crank bearings. With the bearings snapped in to place, we set in the crankshaft. Lots of oil to lube it up.
Litterally a "parts" car.... We just used this "under $500 race car" as a workbench to layout our parts on.
Once the crank was set in place, we put on the upper crank bearing caps and torqued everything to spec. Next we flipped the engine over and prepped for installing the pistons.
Shot of the drivers side with pistons all installed. When in doubt, hammer it in... NOT!
Flipped the engine over again and torqued all the rod caps to spec. Temporarily bolted on the oil pan to prevent oil from dripping out from this point on.
Shot of the passenger side with all the pistons installed.
We then installed the new timing chain / gear set.
Upper gear is the camshaft, lower gear is the crankshaft.
Lifters were then set in place. The lifters ride on the camshaft.
Next we bolted on the heads and set the rocker arms and connecting rods in place. Rocker arms ride on the connecting rods which ride on the lifters which ride on the cam.
Rocker arms all tightened down.
Another view of the new timing chain & gears.
View of the lifters & connecting rods.
We finally temporarily bolted on the new Edlebrock Performer aluminum intake. Where the carb will bolt on, we hooked a bracket made for lifting the engine. This will be used to lift the engine off the stand for transportation back home.
Final view of engine. Next will be installing the oil pump and then prepping for paint!

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