Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Exhaust Drops From Engine Built!

When building the 2 exhaust drops from the engine, I forgot to put the collar on the passenger side pipe before welding it together. To fix that I cut the collar in half, put it around the pipe, then welded it back together. Welding magnets held it perfectly in place while I tacked it back together.
Exhaust drops out of the engine are now complete. I will bolt them in to place, and then start to finish the rest of the exhuast. I'm going from a 2" exhaust out of the engine into a 2.5" exhaust. you can see the 2-2.5" reducers here. From this point the exhaust will go into the H pipe, then the Flowmaster 50HD mufflers, and then out the back of the car.

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