Sunday, November 8, 2009

Exhaust 50% Complete!

The exhaust is moving along nicely now that I have my layout all set. It dumps out of the engine with 2" pipes and after the first 90 degree bend increases to 2.5" pipe. From there it hits the H-pipe, into the mufflers, and then over the rear axle and out the back. The H-Pipe has been welded to the drops from the engine now, everything is welding nicely. Yes, the driver's side drop is slightly crooked. This is to help avoid the power steering box as much as possible.
Rough layout of how the H pipe / Mufflers will be layed out. The mufflers are slighly used FlowMaster 50HDs. They are the middle of the road mufflers in terms of loudness and resonance. I should have a nice rumble out of them, but not SOOOOOO loud that you get a headache driving the car.
More to come soon. Hopefully I can get the exhaust finished up this week. It has been nice the past few days, but the cold weather is quickly approaching!

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