Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rollin'... Rollin'..... Rollin'.......

Tons of progess the past 2 days. I installed the new quick ratio power steering gear box.
Installed the passenger side inner & outter tie rods.
Installed the driver side inner & outter tie rods.
View of the completely overhauled steering components all put together.
Once all the steering was assembled, I was then able to easily roll the frame out into the driveway for the first time since January!
I then mounted the new master brake cylinder into place. Now I can start to run brake lines.
Tomorrow I am hoping to get the engine mocked up into place. I realized the new power steering gear box uses METRIC bolts to connect it to the frame. For WHATEVER reason, Lowes & Home Depot do NOT stock grade 5 or grade 8 metric bolts...... I used regular 10mm bolts to hold it in place so progress can continue until I hit up the bolts store later in the week.
On another note.....I hit up 2 flee markets early this morning with my neighbor. I picked up (3) brand new shocks for $10 total. They will work perfectly for the rear axle. I also picked up slightly used chrome valve covers for $8. Great find!!!

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